Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the news

Our view on some of the things being written on the dizzying issues of Bolehland;

1. Money really does buy silence, even that of the most powerful man on earth.

Washington Post - on Anwar's persecution and Obama's glorious silence

RM 77 Million is a sh!t load of money, even for the President of The United States (PUSA), whose annual income is around the region of 300k USD.

2. Federal Court - Rules that MACC can interrogate suspects/witnesses/your mom/my dad after office hours.

Yes, yes, but for Pete's sake, down throw anyone from the 14th floor!

3. Malaysiakini: "PM's lips sealed on sports betting, Perkasa"

The same goes for that mongolian chick. Sure wish that our Ministry of Defense gates are just as tight..

And finally, for the 209th time? Samy Vellu announces his departure, then sacks his party guy for asking him to go. F@cking contradictory as usual but then again, with Tun M semi-retired, he's taken over as the 'pusing king' of Malaysian politics.

So is it really goodbye Sam, Sam? But do we really care?

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