Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the news

Our view on some of the things being written on the dizzying issues of Bolehland;

1. Money really does buy silence, even that of the most powerful man on earth.

Washington Post - on Anwar's persecution and Obama's glorious silence

RM 77 Million is a sh!t load of money, even for the President of The United States (PUSA), whose annual income is around the region of 300k USD.

2. Federal Court - Rules that MACC can interrogate suspects/witnesses/your mom/my dad after office hours.

Yes, yes, but for Pete's sake, down throw anyone from the 14th floor!

3. Malaysiakini: "PM's lips sealed on sports betting, Perkasa"

The same goes for that mongolian chick. Sure wish that our Ministry of Defense gates are just as tight..

And finally, for the 209th time? Samy Vellu announces his departure, then sacks his party guy for asking him to go. F@cking contradictory as usual but then again, with Tun M semi-retired, he's taken over as the 'pusing king' of Malaysian politics.

So is it really goodbye Sam, Sam? But do we really care?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting to know your ADUN

With the Sarawak Elections coming soon (by April 2011 that is), let us find out a little bit more about the folks you and I voted for back in May 20th 2006...

These guys we know. Their faces dominate to local dailies.

We've heard all the kopitiam tales about Georgie's new girl friend, No. 1's Son abusing No. 2's daughter, another guy's drunken follies et al, Some of us even contributed to such rumours - But that's another agenda for another piece on another day.

What about the other 60 odd fellas (there are 71 of them in total)? How much do we know about them? Do we even know how they look like?

Let's go back to school together- mari kita sama-sama belajar ya!; In this multi-part post, we will attempt to be as informative about each and everyone of them as possible. Despite our name, we'll try to be as non-partisan as possible, using only information readily available on the many forms of media.

Ok-la Ok-la, we'll no doubt be unable resist the temptation to whack them every now and then (even Pak Lah succumbed to the temptation of Sweet Jean, didn't he, what more to say us mere mortals?), but we won't let that distort our judgement.

Hopefully, come election day, each and everyone of us will have a better idea, better knowledge about the boys and girls who are supposed to work for us!

A Brief history of our August House; Really Brief!

Originally known as the 'Council Negri' (sounds so much cooler, doesn't it?) - until some wise guy decided to suck up to the powers that be in KL and changed its name to Dewan Undangan Negeri, it's the oldest legislature in Malaysia (some say South East Asia).

  • First meeting held in the 1800's in Bintulu by Rajah Charles Brooke during the heyday of the Kingdom of Sarawak
  • There are 71 members currently, BN holding 62.
If you really bother to know more, click HERE. To start with, here's a Sarawak Gov link to the DUN website's (crap, cheap looking, amateurish, not unlike BNmustgo) listing of all 71. It's got their Name, Kawasan, Photo, address, phone number (but not mobile), party etc.- Pretty good stuff for us to 'get acquainted' with.

In later parts, we shall get a closer look at them one by one, from N1 all the way to N71, with the grand 'finale' on the Big daddy-O himself, our self anointed Emperor/Demi-god/he-who-shall-not -be -named- for- now.

Until then, Salam Reformasi/Salam 1Malaysia/Kapal Salam/Ayam Mongolia - whichever your preference.

Oh wait, one more time..Just love this pic, don't you? It's a classic case of a picture saying a thousand words...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank You, Ibrahim!

Apart from the brave folks of Sibu, BNmustgo would like to dedicate this historic win and express our deepest gratitude to our Wira Bangsa, Pejuang Perkasa, The ONE, The ONLY, Datuk Ibrahim Ali. Thank you, Sir for delivering us Sibu. Thank you, Sir for showing us the worst of Umno-BN. Thank you, Sir opening our eyes, ears and tok-shit mouths. Thank you, Sir for showing us whom NOT to vote for.

For this, BNmustgo shall forever be indebted to you, Sir! You are truly a bacon.. Err I mean, beacon for change - (yes, beacon as you inspire us to vote the other way.)

With this, we hereby nominate you for the office of President of Unmo, which you so deserve, also entitles you to the office of the soon to be opposition leader of Malaysia.
We hope you'll take this humble 'endorsement' with pride and continue to serve us from the bottom of your heart - delivering us seat after seat, erection (oops, there I go again! ) election after election.

Sekian, Wassalam, may Allah (applicable in Sarawak and Sabah, only of course) / GOD (in the Peninsula) bless you.
Love, from one BN group to another. BNmustgo that is!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lawan Tetap Lawan - Post Election Blues from BNMustGo

So the Hulu Selangor election is over, the results are known (BN beat PKR by a mere 1,725 votes, in case you want to go into details), and the tears are shed.

And the responses to BN Must Go's Facebook page and my own personal Inbox have predictably been the usual:

"How do you feel? Are you giving up?"

"No hope la"

"I want to migrate"

"BN is so dirty"

So are we giving up? Should we just pack up and go? Throw in the towel?

The answer is a resounding NO.

In fact, my BNMustGo Movement's co admin, Andrew, and me, we are going to up the ante. We are going to work even harder, get more voters registered, and try to reach out to as many people as we can.

This is our pledge.

In Hulu Selangor, from nomination till polling day, we were actively on the ground almost every day. We braved the hot burning sun, the pouring rain and even the hostile (some say kurang ajar) BN supporters imported from other states. We campaigned as if there's no tomorrow. We stuck with the DAP fellas, the PKR fellas, and the PAS fellas running all over Hulu Selangor.

We left the comforts of our home, our young families (my baby boy, Jayden, was just born 3 weeks ago, by the way) and we went to the ground. We worked, did all that we could, and tried to keep you guys posted on Facebook with as much information as we could gather.

At the end of the day, we did not win. At least not in votes.

But we won something else more important. We won the hearts of the people we met. We won the attention of the people of Hulu Selangor. We opened up the voters' eyes to the shrewdness of the BN machinery, and how malicious and ruthless they could be.

So after all these, should we give up? Definitely NO. The war between good and evil is just beginning. And we are on the side of good. How can we lose then, if we remain steadfast and the people are with us?


For Justice,

Leon Lee (co-Administrator of the BN Must Go Movement)

PS - Thank you to my dear friends who worked tirelessly in the PKR Media Centre and on the ground, especially to Harris Ibrahim, Dikyn, YB Loh Gwo-Burne, Fahmi, Latheefa and Ginie.

Friday, August 28, 2009


And to think this moron is among the Selangor state's Pakatan political leaders.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini, read the full text here:

Powers of arrest?

Hassan however issued contradictory statements on whether the mosque officials had the powers to arrest. Below is an excerpt of the press conference held at the state secretariat building yesterday:

Hassan: In other words, they are merely the ears and eyes (of the authorities).

Reporter: That is not what has been reported from your previous press conference...

Hassan: No, no, no. You were misreporting. I was very clear on that.

Reporter: So there is no powers of arrest?

Hassan: They can arrest and bring them to the authorities.

If there is no enforcement officials present, can they make arrests?

Every district has enforcement officers.

Reporter: Meaning, they must arrest people in the presence of enforcement officials and not on their own?


Reporter: So they can approach offenders on their own, but in an advisory capacity?

Hassan: Yes. It is like this, if someone reports to the mosque official that someone is consuming alcohol and the mosque official goes (to take action). He can tangkap (arrest), but he (mosque officials) cannot impose penalties.

Under what law are mosque officials allowed to make arrests?

Hassan: It says so under the authority card (issued to them).

Reporter: So the mosque officials have powers of arrests?

Hassan: Yes, but not as wide as the enforcement officials.

Reporter: What if the offender does not cooperate?

Hassan: They normally will go in groups. Their role is to advise. 'You have made a mistake, come follow us to see the authorities'. If that person fights back, the enforcement officials will take action.

Reporter: You are contradicting what you said earlier. You said mosque officials can make arrests.

Hassan: It is like this, if someone in a village is found drinking, they (the mosque officials) can arrest him and take him to the authorities.

Reporter: Are they allowed to use handcuffs?


Issuing authority cards? LOL This fucking idiot actually thinks he can issue his own authority cards to arrest anybody he likes.

They called this guy the UMNO mole. BNMustGo concurs. Only an UMNO freak can be so godamn stupid.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Open letter to Zambry

Attn: Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, MB of Perak

Dear Sir,

We are writing this open letter to you because we feel that you have been thoroughly wronged by the people of Perak, and we would like to come to your defense. After all, BNMustGo is all about justice and righteousness, yes?

We realised that you are being called many unpleasant names, and we suppose they might have hurt your feelings somewhat. Please be strong, Datuk, for they are all nothing but malicious lies spread by the unemployed womanfolk bloggers.

Take for example, the fact that you are more well known by your nick names of Zambry Mamak, Zambry Kutty, Zambry Jelmaan Sami Vellu etc, than anything else.

Well, we do not think you are a mamak. Afterall, you are a member of UMNO - the United MALAYS National Organisation. So you SHOULD be a Malay. UMNO only accepts Malays as members, right? To hell with with those bloggers.

And about the Kutty thing. We think they must have mistaken you with the Tun Kutty a/l Kutty. You know, the fella that robbed us dry for 2 decades, and is now back for more? Come to think of it, how can the bloggers be so stupid? The Tun Kutty is so Pakistani, and you are so dashingly Melayu looking. He's shrewed and smart, while you are, er, well, you are what you are.

In any case, if you really admire the original Kutty and wants to be him (or at least look like him, skintone-wise), well, just contact Micheal Jackson. He can definitely teach you how to do the Black or White thing. Afterall, Clorox is cheap at Carrefour this week (RM 6.99 for 5L extra large). BNMustGo hereby agrees to sponsor you all the bleach you need to have your Channel [V] Next Top Model style makeover, should you decide to do so. Of course, our sponsorship is limited to all the bleach for your personal use only.

Next they called you an illegitimate Menteri Besar and that you have an illegitimate EXCO and an illegitimate mandate, among many other illegitimate things about you. Please do not take those to heart, as they are just jealous of you. Though you are going to be one of the shortest tenured MBs to take office in our country's history, we think you are as legit as it goes. Afterall, the whole of Perak supports and love you right? They are your loyal and royal subjects, and you are free to treat Perakians anyway you wish. That is your birthright. Your destiny.

We also think you selling off the Camrys and buying the Perdanas is surely a masterstroke, the pinacle of your ingenuity. We should support the National Cars at all costs. Even if the maintenance is 3 times as high, the quality stinks and it's a 15 year old design, that is okay. It is the state's money, and what use is money if not spent. Agree?

Come 7 May 2009, we would be in Ipoh to support you and your goons, er, we mean the other BN ADUNS. We will stand in the front line to defend you should the Pakatan supporters turn rowdy or start hurling insults at you again. In fact, if you wish, we can help you grab that speaker's chair. Get rid of the Sivakumar fella once and for all. And help seal your name into the history books for all eternity.

Will the Real Slime Kutty please stand up?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Another one of your fans, listing down all the contributions you have for the people of Perak:

Jasa2 Zambry al-kudeta…
Baru saja 2 bulan Zambry merampas oppss memerintah Perak..kita telah melihat banyak jasa2 yang telah dibuat beliau untuk rakyat Perak…

1. baru saja masuk pejabat Menteri Besar langkah pertama tukar karpet dan lain-lain asesori….maka berwajah barulah pejabat MB sekarang ini..bertambah ceria dan berseri…

2. Pecat semua ketua kampung pilihan rakyat… Ketua kampung pilihan rakyat ini dilantik atas kehendak Raja Muda…idok ke menderhaka namaya tu..? ehh..itu bukan derhaka itu mengembalikan hak rakyat…

3. Zambry yang berjiwa rakyat menjamu rakyat dengan ‘Sure Heboh’ untuk menghiburkan rakyat jelata…direstukan pula oleh Tok Mufti..satu gandingan yang mantop…betul2 Zamby dan Tok Mufti memahami kehendak rakyat…

4. Menjimatkan wang rakyat dengan melelong Camry yang masih dalam jaminan 3 tahun..kerana beliau nak guna semula Perdana V6…alangkah mulianya Zambry ini… sehingga mendapat anugerah dari Sultan Perak dengan gelaran Dato’ Seri…bayangkan baru 2 bulan merampas oppsss memerintah dah dapat anugerah..korang ADUN PR memerintah Perak 10 bulan dapat apa..tu laa jasa korang tak setara dengan Zambry and the gang…tu pasal tak dapat apa2…

lihatlah..betapa banyak sumbangan yang dah dibuat kepada rakyat Perak..dalam masa 2 bulan..banyak ‘penjimatan’ wang rakyat telah dilakukan oleh Zambry… JASAMU AKAN DIKENANG..!!

Courtesy of:

Some of the sites which called you a mamak, for your further action, Datuk Seri:

Oh by the way, here's the Google stats for "Zambry Mamak" Search:
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